Storage & Back-Up


Plan B Technologies, Inc. (PBT) is dedicated to helping data-intensive business environments conquer the challenge of expanding storage. PBT is an EMC Partner, with specializations in Data Domain and Isilon, a NetApp Platinum Partner, a Pure Storage Gold Partner and we are partners with Nimble Storage to better serve your storage needs. Every new technology, strategy, or process raises storage complexity, and PBT can show you how to minimize complexity and optimize the way information is managed throughout its lifecycle to get maximum value from your information assets.

Our goal is to create a storage plan that ensures your technology infrastructure meets your company’s business objectives. Whether you’re battling Big Data, or need a full disaster recovery solution, PBT will simplify complex decisions and help you implement storage solutions in the areas of:

Archiving & Compliance

  • Automate the storage of email and SharePoint files, manage data migrations, improve responsiveness to legal discovery, and manage information growth in accordance with your IT policies.
  • Improve performance and cut storage costs through automation and optimized storage management products and services.

Backup & Recovery

  • Backup and de-duplicate your business’s critical data to maximizing operational effectiveness and minimize downtime.
  • Properly prepare for and recover from the effects of equipment failure or accidental loss of data.
  • PBT is a Symantec Silver Partner


  • Maximize your storage utilization and increase the availability of data.
  • Decrease your server space, increase IT responsiveness, and lower infrastructure and operational costs.